Friday, October 16, 2009

Mexican Tomato Salad

I served this easy salad with Refried Bean Poblanos with Cheese. You could also serve these with Cheese Enchiladas. This is a very healthy side, and the only real fat that this dish incorporates is from the avocado - and those fats are good fats!

Recipe Notes
This Martha Stewart adaptation calls for queso fresco, a crumbly Mexican cheese. Queso fresco, I have found, is not often available at my typical grocery haunts, so I have found a substitution that is widely available: FETA. Feta cheese has a similar texture and look to queso fresco, and its saltiness compliments the dish well. I used feta in the version pictured here.

  • Roma, campari, or other small sweet tomatoes
  • Haas avocado
  • Queso fresco (or feta, as I substituted above)
  • Lime
  • Chopped fresh cilantro
  • Sea salt and coarse ground pepper


1. Slice tomatoes and arrange on a plate.

2. Chop avocado into small pieces and arrange over tomatoes.

3. Sprinkle with cheese and drizzle lime juice over the top.

4. Season with salt and pepper and finish with chopped fresh cilantro over the top.

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