Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth About Your Crock Pot

I think that it's time that we have a heart-to-heart about your Crock Pot (or whatever variety of slow-cooker you might own). The brilliant marketing minds at companies such as Cuisinart and All-Clad have all but convinced American cooks that they NEED a $100+ stainless steel slow-cooker with 18 different settings and every possible bell and whistle.

I hate to break it to you, but EVERY slow-cooker recipe I have ever come across instructs to heat on LOW or HIGH. I bought my Crock Pot (which is stainless steel, by the way) at Target for $24.99. It has a little knob with LOW, HIGH, and WARM, and it has worked for every slow-cooker recipe I have ever tried.

This handy little gadget will become your best friend in the kitchen if you are a working girl or a busy mom. Who doesn't like a device that gets left in the morning with a few raw basic ingredients and has a delicious, complete meal waiting for you when you return home? Slow-cooker recipes generally call for tougher cuts of meat that don't fall apart with the long period of cooking, so the meat that goes into your Crock Pot meal is generally quite inexpensive.

There will be several Crock Pot recipes on this blog in the future, starting with Crock Pot Pork Tacos. I welcome your Crock Pot recipes as well, as I am always looking for good "fix it and forget it" meals!

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