Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I apologize for my lack of posts these past few days. Between the holidays and my lack of appetite, it's been difficult to find time to cook new dishes. Corey and I are expecting twins in early July, and the Peanuts have wreaked havoc on my eating habits and appetite, so it's been hard to cook just about anything! However, I am starting to feel like my old self and should be back up and running on Monday with some new recipes to share.

In the meantime, Sadie says happy holidays to you! She was very blessed by Santa Paws with a REAL prime rib bone (thank you, Cherolyn), a big chewie bone, a Christmas Crustacean toy, and a Roadkill Raccoon from her favorite auntie, Kara. I hope that you and your families were similarly blessed!

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  1. Kristi--I just found your blog--love it! Congrats on twins--hope you are feeling better! And I think your dog, Sadie is adorable.
    Hope you are well,