Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sadie's Corner - Baked Risotto

This risotto recipe looked delicious in Martha Stewart Living when I found it.  It even incorporated some of my favorite flavors to accompany pasta (lemon and lots of savory herbs).  What I learned from the experiment was that risotto should not be baked....the rice ends up undercooked.  It should always be made the old fashioned way....on a stovetop with lots of stirring, chicken broth, and arborio rice! 

I have added a couple of great risotto recipes to this blog over the years.  My favorite is Simple Risotto (recipe here).  It has very little butter and oil and pairs great with shellfish such as shrimp with a big salad.

I guess even Martha Stewart gets it wrong some of the time.  Sadie was excited that the recipe failed....she figured she would be the biggest beneficiary of the snafu!  Look....she was licking her lips in anticipation!

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